Gingerbread Cookies

Be very careful when you open the oven door, Gingerbread boys have been known to run away!Gingerbread boys and girls!Today’s food post comes from my 2013 archives with a few changes to the original post. Baking Gingerbread Cookies is one of my favorite things to do in the winter and I’ve been baking these little half pints with my daughter since she was three years old. Every year we bring out all the tins and the flour and make a beautiful mess. We look forward to baking new batches every year and often times I’ll wait for the weatherman to let us know when we’re expecting snow. It’s the perfect way to spend a snowed in weekend, baking with a great fire going and filling the entire house with an amazing aroma!

Note: When planning to make these cookies make the dough hours in advance and leave in the fridge until ready to use. Sometimes I’ll make the dough the day before. Also, I find that lining my cookie trays with parchment paper works best. And remember to rotate the tray in the oven halfway through the baking time so that the cookies bake evenly.

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Have great fun making these and enjoy!

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