3 Sophisticated Cocktails

This weekend begins the infamous New York Fashion Week and I’m concluding this week with some fabulous ideas for sophisticated cocktails. It’s been incredibly hot here in Connecticut so I decided why not celebrate what’s left of summer with a few iconic cocktails that no girl can refuse! 

Move over Tequila! First up, The Paloma, a fantastic and super easy sophisticated Mexican cocktail.the-perfect-paloma-cocktail

French 75, Gin & Champagne, need I say more?..1427405504-syn-21-1426198707-149317605

 And the smooth and sexy St. Germaine!St. Germain cocktail

I highly suggest you take the time to create one of these beautiful drinks to enjoy while it’s still warm out. And as I already mentioned it’s the beginning of New York Fashion week. I’m so excited because I’ll be in New York City over the weekend for some heart thumping fashion fun. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for all the behind the scenes!


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