Rocksbox Review

Welcome back friends. Today I want to share with you my latest Rocksbox set of jewels! Subscription jewelry delivery day is always an exciting day! 

Rocksbox set of loaner jewelry. rocksbox necklacerocksbox earringsrocksbox braceletThis is my third set with my fourth on its way from Rocksbox. My first set I mentioned here. Rocksbox offers a jewelry rental subscription that is a great alternative to buying accessories that can pile up in your jewelry box! 

For just $19 a month you receive a set of three pieces based on your “wish list.” The next set will ship out as soon as you return the one you’re done with or you can choose to buy whatever pieces you like most. That’s it, super simple, affordable and best of all you can have new designer jewelry as often as you’d like!

Rocksbox jewelry rentalrocksbox jewels

Take advantage of this subscription and try it out. If you sign up make sure to use code ladydianaspearlsxoxo for your first month free!

The selection is pretty nice, the pieces are sturdy and look great and the service is fantastic! I could not be happier! Be a #rocksboxitgirl and #beyourbrightest!



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