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One question that continues to pop up from some of my readers is where do I get my brows done and who does them for me. And although I’ve done a few makeup tutorials I haven’t quite covered the brow thing in detail, so here we go.

There are so many features you can and should concentrate on when it comes to doing your makeup and eyebrows are one of those important features that are often the most neglected. Today I’m introducing to you Billion Dollar Brows, the only cosmetic company solely dedicated to eyebrow health and beauty. Their brow kit promises to teach you how to get that ultimate look for beautiful brows and I’m going to show you just how!#billiondollarbrows5 #billiondollarbrows6The Billion Dollar Brows kit has all the necessary tools for sculpting your brows perfectly. Following the guidelines in the illustrations will help you determine how to fill in your brows. 

Before Billion Dollar Brows application and after.bdbrows1 bdbrows8The Universal Brow Pencil is designed for all skin tones and hair colors. It is an easy pencil to work with that goes on smooth and natural.

bdbrows2The Brow Duo Pencil allows you to highlight your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth. The Smudge Brush helps in applying creamy cosmetics or for blending the Duo Pencil. bdBrows1abdbrows10bdbrows9A custom designed Sharpener for the Duo Pencil is included and the Brow Gel gives the perfect finishing touch to your brows for a polished, manicured look.#billiondollarbrows7 #billiondollarbrows8I’m obviously a makeup fanatic, no secret there, but when it comes to brows I’m really particular. For years I’ve “done” my brows at home, meaning I pluck them. Not until this year did I start getting them waxed. I was sooo scared to have someone completely ruin them, and I don’t even want to imagine what that would look like! Anyway, I get them waxed every 4-6 weeks then I maintain them at home the rest of the time. I’ve been using the Billion Dollar Brows kit for maintenance and I just can’t say enough about it! I use all the tools included pretty much every day. 

I’ve had my makeup professionally done by different makeup artists and they all have different takes on what to use for brow shaping and enhancing. Whether powder or pencil, I prefer the latter because it allows me to have more control over how much I put on the brow and it’s definitely a lot less messy. But, it’s your choice, play with different tools and see what works for you. 

My highlights about the Billion Dollar Brows kit:

  1. The brow pencil is awesome to put on, mess free and very forgiving, nothing a q-tip won’t take care of. The brush at other end is perfect for brushing your brows into place.
  2. The duo pencil is also very easy to apply and the finish is gorgeous. Make sure to blend with the smudge brush.
  3. The gel is easy to apply although I personally don’t use it as much. I think it’s geared more towards bushy brows where they may need a little more taming. Nonetheless a great tool to have, just in case.
  4. Difficulty level, none, super easy!

Everything you need to glam up your brows is included in this kit. I love it and highly recommend! It is one of BDB’s best sellers and you can purchase yours for $34.99 (a $73.00 value) or as a gift and free shipping for U.S. customers.  

I’ve partnered with BDB to offer one of my subscribers a chance to win a free kit of their own! Just fill out the link below to submit your entry or visit here! 



 This is a sponsored post. Billion Dollar Brows kit gifted. All opinions are 100% my own!

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