The Easiest Day To Night Makeup!

Like any other makeup buff, I too love to amp up the ante from simple day makeup to a little night glamour!

Your regular day makeup routine will not have a great effect for night. Hence today’s topic; my easy day to night makeup and all it takes are just a few extra lovely steps. You’ll learn how to go from day to night without starting over!


I’m including the “day look” tutorial in case you haven’t mastered that yet or just need to brush up on it, no pun intended, but the transition into a “night look” is what we’re aiming to learn.

Always begin your makeup routine with a fresh, clean and moisturized face. You can follow my tips for that here. I’ve prepared my face with Bare Minerals makeup powder and eye concealer with SPF to match my tan skin. I’ve also filled in my eyebrows, which I’ll discuss in detail at a later post.

For day: Use a natural day color palette of your choice. I’m using makeup by ELF and a few other items from Lancome. I have a very wide variety of makeup brands that I use regularly but these are two of my faves. You can find them online and at most local shops.


  • Start with a neutral eye shadow color and apply it to the entire eyelid area. This creates a nice even “canvas.”
  • Next, line the upper lash line with a dark eyeliner pencil.


  • Apply a slightly darker shadow to the outer corners going in to the eye socket. Blend well. I chose a light green color since it complements brown eyes.


  • Apply a soft natural blush color with an upward motion, toward the ears. I chose a peach color to match my natural skin tone.


  • Apply a bright but soft lip gloss or lipstick color, (I prefer lip gloss for day). I’m using a soft pink, again, keeping with a natural look for the day.


  • Finish off with a few strokes of mascara, enough to add spark but not too much to create drama.

makeup7makeup8A simple day look. 

And now to convert this simple day look into a nightlife makeup theme. We already have the basics done. The following are needed to intensify your features and create a little drama.


  • Begin by retouching the entire face with a little foundation powder making sure to even out skin tone.
  • Apply a much darker eye shadow. I chose a very dark grey blending from outer corners going inward to the eye socket. Add more as needed focusing on darkening, again, blend well. 
  • With a very small flat brush and the same dark eye shadow, line the lower lash line making sure to meet at the outer corners. 


  • Reapply eyeliner and mascara, creating a much darker and deeper effect. You can also put on fake lashes if you have the time.
  • Apply a light and shimmery color to the upper eyebrow area. This creates a smooth highlight and emphasizes your brow arch.
  • Apply the same shimmery shadow on the center of the eyelid and towards the inner corners of the eyes. This highlights and brightens your eyes. 
  • Stroke on a slightly darker blush than you would use for day. 



  • Color lips with a deeper tone of lipstick/lip gloss.


Note: As you can see I chose to focus on my eyes and not so much on my lips. You can emphasize your eyes and your lips, but not both at the same time. Trying to highlight both will leave you looking less like a hot mama and more like a theater performer! 

If the eyes is what you’re after, focus on darkening with the shadow. If your pout is your better feature, go light on the shadow and deepen the lipstick color instead and add gloss. 

That’s it! There you have it, the easiest day to night makeup change. With an extra few minutes and the right tools you will definitely be on your way from simple day makeup to a fabulous night look!

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*The difference in skin tone is actually due to the change of natural lighting, about an hour’s time lapse.

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