Enjoy Your Weekend

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything interesting going on?

Another healthy new year for my boys has arrived. In less than two weeks we celebrated three young men. My youngest son turned 18 on March 30, my second son turned 19 on April 9 and my oldest son turned 20 on April 10th, whew! When I close my eyes and think back to the time when they were born I can almost smell their baby scent. My only regret, not being able to hold on to those moments forever…


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Take a peak at these fun links: 

  • I’m all for taking good care of oneself including of course all things natural, but this is just ridiculous!
  • I love living in CT and that means UConn madness, and for good reason!
  • Seriously considering getting this monogrammable cardi in every color! Don’t judge me…
  • Let It Go” is staying.
  • I’m having mixed feelings about this


Image of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with JFK Jr. at Hammersmith Farm, Newport, RI, circa 1962.


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