Autumn’s Rainy Day Concern

As much as I love the fall season, sometimes it just doesn’t cooperate. The fall usually brings us, if you live in the northeast, the remains of all the activity that occurs down by the pan handle. Some of the storms brewing eventually make their way inland and then up our alley. That’s when we have to deal with some serious mixed precipitation. Which means that I have to come up with practical outfits without compromising my style.

Unlike the spring, the rainfall in the autumn season can be a little tricky, at least outfit wise. It’s cold out, it’s wet and it’s blustery. Combine all these factors and now you have the possibility of a nightmare trying to figure out how to dress appropriately. To come up with a decent outfit that will address all your needs and still maintain a fashionably correct look is what we’re after.

Today I had to face the storm head on! Thank goodness for my practical but stylish rain boots and my all weather rain coat! I was able to run out in the storm smiling and styling. I stayed comfortable, warm and dry and didn’t have to add frumpy layers. A couple of simple staples and I was all set to go. My fall trinity; the leggings style pants, shirt and a crew neck sweater came to the rescue.

When you are able to accomplish this, the weather doesn’t seem to matter much anymore.

photo_1 (3)

photo_2 (3)

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photo_4 (1)photo (15)

Rain Coat, 2010, similar /  Hunter Rain Boots / Necklace: Benevolent / Shirt: GAP  / Pants:  J. Crew  / Phillip Lim Bag for Target, similar

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